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Core Drilling & GPR Scanning

We offer Core drilling to GPR scanning and Reporting Services using cutting-edge solutions for your construction needs.

Providing Core Drilling and GPR Scanning Services to a Diverse Clientele Across British Columbia

At Atrysten Mechanical, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality Core Drilling and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Scanning services to our clients throughout British Columbia.

At Atrysten Mechanical, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality Core Drilling and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Scanning services to our clients throughout British Columbia. Our services are designed to meet the needs of various sectors, including residential, commercial, and institutional projects.

Our team comprises skilled professionals who excel in precision drilling and subsurface imaging, ensuring that each project is executed with the highest standards of accuracy and safety. We understand the unique challenges of each site and provide tailored solutions

that enhance both the functionality and safety of your projects.

By partnering with leading technology providers, we equip our team with the latest tools and techniques in the industry, enabling us to offer innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. Our focus on advanced technology and detailed analysis ensures that we deliver results that provide real value and contribute to the success of your construction and renovation projects.

Core Competencies

Precision Hole Creation

Crafting precise openings in concrete and masonry for various installations, ensuring exact alignment and depth.

Infrastructure Preparation

Setting the stage for structural features like elevators and heavy machinery, requiring meticulous openings.

Reno and Retrofitting

Facilitating building updates with precision cuts for new systems integration.

Subsurface Imaging

Employing GPR technology for detailed mapping of construction sites.

Structural Analysis

Detecting critical elements like rebar and conduits within structures.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Utilizing GPR data to enhance drilling accuracy and project reporting.

Precision Drilling

Atrysten Mechanical’s Precision Drilling services offer meticulous execution with accurate measurements and spot-on drilling to meet precise project specifications. We use the appropriate drill bits for different materials to prevent structural damage, manage vibrations and debris efficiently, and adhere strictly to safety protocols to ensure a clean, safe, and non-disruptive work environment.

Accurate Measurements

Ensuring every drill site is measured with exactness for flawless execution.


Spot-on Drilling

Achieving precise diameters and depths to match project specifications perfectly.


Material Compatibility

Selecting the correct drill bits for various materials to prevent structural damage.

Vibration Control

Employing techniques to minimize vibrations and prevent disruption in sensitive environments.


Debris Management

Efficiently managing and removing debris to maintain a clean work site.

Safety Protocols:

Adhering to strict safety standards to protect both personnel and infrastructure.

Infrastructure Setup

Atrysten Mechanical’s Infrastructure Setup services focus on strategic integration of core drilling with construction projects. We coordinate with engineers and architects, conduct thorough load analysis to ensure safety, and deploy advanced drilling machinery for precise alignment. Our process includes optimizing workflow to enhance efficiency and reduce timelines, and we work collaboratively with other trades to ensure seamless construction progress.

Strategic Planning

Coordinating with engineers and architects to integrate core drilling within construction plans.

Load Analysis:

Evaluating structural integrity to ensure safe drilling without compromising the building.

Equipment Setup

Deploying state-of-the-art drilling machinery tailored for specific construction needs.

Precision Alignment

Utilizing advanced technology for perfectly aligned drilling operations.

Workflow Optimization

Streamlining processes to enhance efficiency and reduce project timelines.

Collaborative Execution

Working in sync with other trades to ensure seamless construction progress.

Renovation and Retrofit

Atrysten Mechanical’s Renovation and Retrofit services focus on precision and adaptability. We perform thorough structural assessments to determine the best drilling points, employ specialized techniques for retrofitting, and use custom tooling for unique project demands. Our approach ensures seamless integration with existing structures and includes meticulous post-drill finishing to enhance and restore the project site’s aesthetics.

Structural Assessment

Conducting thorough evaluations to determine feasible drilling points.

Adaptive Techniques

Modifying approaches to suit the specific challenges of retrofit projects.

Historical Preservation

Employing delicate techniques for projects involving historical renovations.

Custom Tooling

Designing and using customized drill bits and equipment for unique project requirements.

Integration with Existing Systems

Ensuring that new installations blend seamlessly with existing structures.

Post-Drill Finishing

Providing finishing services to restore and enhance the appearance after drilling.

Subsurface Imaging

Atrysten Mechanical’s Subsurface Imaging services offer comprehensive insights using advanced GPR technology. We perform accurate depth mapping of buried structures, identify different underground materials, and ensure extensive area coverage. Our team analyzes GPR data for clear, actionable insights and provides real-time visualizations for immediate analysis. We also compare current data with historical scans to track changes over time, enhancing the precision and safety of your projects.

Depth Mapping

Accurately determining the depth of buried objects and structures.

Material Identification

Distinguishing different types of underground materials and objects.

Area Coverage

Ensuring comprehensive scanning coverage of large or complex areas.

Data Interpretation

Analyzing GPR data to provide clear, actionable insights.

Real-Time Imaging

Offering real-time visualizations of the subsurface for immediate analysis.

Historical Data Comparison

Comparing current data with historical scans to assess changes over time.

Structural Analysis

Atrysten Mechanical’s Structural Analysis services ensure the safety and integrity of structures. We offer reinforcement mapping to locate rebar within concrete, detect voids that might cause failures, and track conduits and pipes. Our load-bearing assessments determine the structural impact of these elements, and we provide construction planning assistance for informed decision-making. After completion, we perform post-construction evaluations to verify that outcomes meet the planned specifications.

Reinforcement Mapping

Locating and mapping the position of rebar within concrete structures.

Void Detection

Identifying voids within and between structural elements to prevent potential failures.

Conduit and Pipe Tracking

racing the pathways of electrical conduits and plumbing within structures.

Load-Bearing Assessment

Evaluating the impact of identified elements on structural integrity.

Construction Planning Assistance

Aiding in the planning process by providing detailed structural insights.

Post-Construction Evaluation

Assessing if construction outcomes align with planned specifications.

Enhanced Data Analysis and Reporting

Atrysten Mechanical employs comprehensive GPR technology to enhance the precision and effectiveness of our core drilling operations through detailed data analysis and reporting. Our approach ensures that every phase of the drilling process is data-driven, optimizing project outcomes.

Site Mapping

Utilizing GPR data to create detailed maps of the drilling area, identifying key features and obstacles.

Depth Accuracy

Analyzing subsurface data to determine precise drilling depths, ensuring structural integrity.

Material Assessment

Evaluating subsurface materials to select appropriate drilling techniques and tools.

Risk Evaluation

Identifying potential hazards within the drilling plan based on GPR insights to mitigate risks.

Progress Tracking

Continuously monitoring GPR data to adjust drilling strategies and maintain project timelines.

Final Reporting

Compiling comprehensive reports that document findings, methods, and outcomes for client review and record-keeping.

Our Advantages


Quality counts

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of workmanship. It’s a matter of pride. And it’s why we have long-term relationships with some of the biggest names in industry.

Experience & Expertise

Our technicians have experience in a range of industrial and commercial sectors, ensuring we bring both plumbing know-how and industry-specific insight to any job.

Safety first

Every Atrysten technician is confined space, first aid and CPR certified, so we’re prepared to handle any situation safely and respond to emergencies with confidence.

Forever fixes

We apply our creativity and experience to find permanent solutions to tough operational challenges, saving our customers money and headaches.

A matter of time

We respond promptly and work efficiently, because time is money for any business. In emergency situations, we’ll be there promptly with a fully stocked truck.

Thinking ahead

We’re experts in the inspection and maintenance of plumbing systems, offering companies peace of mind (and cost savings) with customized plans.

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