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Pennyfarthing Apartments – Langley, BC

Development Overview: Pennyfarthing Apartments represent modern living in the heart of Langley, developed by Trillium Projects. This new 6-storey building consists of 213 units that cater to a range of lifestyle preferences, from cozy one-bedroom apartments to more spacious two-bedroom options. Designed with contemporary aesthetics, the structure emphasizes ample

Anchor – Port Moody, BC

Development Overview: Anchor1 is a sophisticated residential development nestled in the scenic city of Port Moody. This stylish collection of urban homes features a range of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units, each designed to blend modern living with the area’s natural beauty. The building is architecturally significant, offering panoramic

Hartley Residential Development – Surrey, BC

Development Overview: Hartley is a prominent residential project located in the heart of Surrey City Centre, developed by Porte Communities. This development is strategically placed in one of British Columbia’s fastest-growing urban areas, offering modern living spaces designed to complement the dynamic urban environment of Surrey. Building Features: Total

Larch Street – Vancouver, BC

Development Overview: Located in the vibrant Kitsilano neighborhood of Vancouver, this new affordable housing project is a noteworthy initiative in partnership with the Province through BC Housing, the City of Vancouver, and Jameson Development Corp. Designed to support moderate- to middle-income families, this five-storey development is a model of

SIENA the Heights – Burnaby, BC

Development Overview: Siena is a modern 4-storey mixed-use building situated in the vibrant neighborhood of Burnaby Heights. Completed in 2019, this stylish development offers a range of residential units from 1-bedroom to spacious 3-bedroom and den homes, each featuring expansive private balconies that offer stunning views of the North

Latimer Phase 7.1 & 7.7 – Langley, BC

Development Overview: Latimer Village is an enticing new condo development by Vesta Properties, strategically positioned in the vibrant community of Langley, British Columbia. This development forms part of the ambitious Latimer Phase 7.1 & 7.2, which is slated for completion in 2024, showcasing modern living at its best. Building

Latimer Phase 7.2 – Langley, BC

Development Overview: Latimer Village is an enticing new condo development by Vesta Properties, strategically positioned in the vibrant community of Langley, British Columbia. This development forms part of the ambitious Latimer Phase 7.1 & 7.2, which is slated for completion in 2024, showcasing modern living at its best. Building

ALT Lu’ma – New Westminister, BC

Development Overview: Alt Lu’ma is a significant residential housing project managed by the Aboriginal Land Trust Society, in collaboration with Lu’ma NHS & Swahili VIA. This modern development, designed by RLA Architects Inc. and constructed by VanMar Constructors 1098 Inc., features 96 housing units spread over six stories above

Parkvista – Langley, BC

Development Overview: Park Vista is set to be a prime residential hub in Langley, BC, with its completion anticipated by summer 2024. This new five-story wood-frame building promises a blend of modern living and convenience, featuring a diverse range of one-, two-, and three-bedroom homes tailored to meet the

Bastille Condo Community – Coquitlam, B.C.

Development Overview: Bastille, presented by Porte Communities, is a captivating new condo community located in the historic Maillardville neighborhood of Coquitlam. Currently in preconstruction with a planned completion in 2024, Bastille merges classic French-inspired design with modern living. Building Features: Units: Bastille will house a total of 123 units,

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Over 20 years of Experience working onIntegrated Mechanical Projects in British Columbia

Multi-Residential WoodFrame Construction

Multi-Residential WoodFrame Construction

Multi-Residential WoodFrame Construction

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We are passionate about creating innovative solutions for all your mechanical needs. Whether it's plumbing, heating, or any other mechanical service, our talented team is dedicated to delivering high-quality results. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we strive to exceed your expectations. Have a project in mind? Let's get building! 

What types of projects does Atrysten Mechanical specialize in?
At Atrysten Mechanical, we specialize in a wide range of projects including residential, commercial, and industrial mechanical services. Our expertise covers everything from plumbing and heating to complex HVAC systems, tailored to each project's unique needs.
How does Atrysten ensure the quality and reliability of its services?
Quality and reliability are foundational at Atrysten Mechanical. We utilize only the highest-grade materials and the latest technologies, coupled with rigorous quality control processes. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.
Can Atrysten handle large-scale and complex projects?
Absolutely. With over 24 years of experience and a portfolio of 350 projects, we are well-equipped to manage and successfully deliver large-scale and complex mechanical projects. Our team's extensive expertise and proactive management ensure that we meet your project's specifications and deadlines.
How does Atrysten stay competitive in the mechanical services market?
We stay competitive by continuously updating our skills and technological capabilities, and by remaining adaptive to industry changes and advancements. This approach allows us to offer the most efficient, innovative, and cost-effective solutions to our clients.
What advantages does Atrysten offer by providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, core drilling, and GPR scanning services all under one roof?
The advantage of Atrysten's integrated service model is significant. By offering a comprehensive range of services including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, core drilling, and GPR scanning in-house, we streamline project coordination, reduce external dependencies, and ensure better control over timelines and quality. This synergy not only enhances project efficiency but also provides cost-effectiveness and smoother communication, ultimately leading to faster project completion and reduced overhead costs for our clients.
What is the process for starting a new project with Atrysten?
Starting a new project with us is straightforward. Simply reach out via our contact form or give us a call to schedule an initial consultation. During this meeting, we will discuss your project requirements, timelines, and budget. Following this, we will provide you with a detailed proposal tailored to your project’s specific needs.

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