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Mission Mixed Use – Mission, B.C.
32335 Fletcher Avenue, Mission, BC

Gas: Yes



Mission Mixed Use – Mission, B.C.
Address:32335 Fletcher Avenue, Mission, BC
Developer:West Fraser
Building Type:4-storey wood frame construction
Units:7 Commercial Units and 105 Apartment Units

Development Overview: A new mixed-use building is proposed at 32335 Fletcher Avenue, currently under development application. The plan is to construct a four-storey building that integrates commercial spaces with residential living, in line with Mission’s vision for multifunctional urban spaces.

Building Features:

  • Structure: The building will consist of four storeys, with the ground floor dedicated to seven commercial units and a daycare center.
  • Residential Units: Above the commercial spaces, the building will house 105 apartment units, blending urban living with convenience and accessibility.
  • Affordable Housing: In support of OCP Policy 5.1.7, at least eight apartment units will be offered at affordable rental rates to promote accessible housing options.

Design and Compliance:

  • Commercial and Residential Integration: The design complies with the Commercial OCP designation, which supports the development of retail centers with residential units up to four storeys.
  • Community-Oriented Features: The inclusion of a daycare facility underscores the development’s focus on community benefits and services.

Amenities and Specifications:

  • HVAC and Gas Systems: While specific details are not provided, buildings of this type typically feature centralized HVAC systems, and gas may be utilized for heating. Prospective tenants and commercial occupants can expect modern and efficient climate control solutions.
  • Accessibility and Convenience: The mixed-use design ensures that residents and visitors have direct access to commercial services and amenities, enhancing the quality of urban life.

This property profile introduces 32335 Fletcher Avenue as a multifaceted development project that seamlessly blends commercial vitality with residential comfort, aimed at enhancing the urban landscape of Mission.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this property profile is intended for general informational purposes only. Atrysten does not assume responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information provided. Details such as prices, specifications, features, and amenities are subject to change without prior notice. This profile may contain forward-looking statements which are not guarantees of future performance. The accuracy of all information, regardless of source, including but not limited to square footages and lot sizes, is deemed reliable but not guaranteed and should be personally verified through personal inspection by and/or with the appropriate professionals. Photographs, renderings, and illustrations are for marketing purposes only and may not accurately represent the actual condition or features of the specified property as of the date of this profile.

Atrysten Scope of Work:

Gas: Yes



For the development at 32335 Fletcher Avenue in Mission, BC, Atrysten Mechanical is responsible for installing and maintaining HVAC and gas systems. As part of this mixed-use project, we are ensuring that the commercial units and 105 residential apartments are equipped with efficient, modern climate control solutions. Our work supports the building's integration of comfort and sustainability, aligning with Mission's vision for multifunctional urban spaces, and enhancing the overall livability for residents and businesses.

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